Golden Apple Spa Membership Description

Each member of the exclusive Skin Fitness Club Program for a fixed fee of $100 a month for minimum 12 months caneive the following:

Specialized Express Facial Treatment  - a refreshing facial that  steams, cleanses, tones, exfoliates, and moisturizes your skin.  30 Min each treatment  3ree ) times a week
( regular price $45) for members FREE
Specialized adds-on:
LED Face mask that emits specially calibrated lights to stimulate skin's production of collagen, kills acne-causing bacteria, enhances the healing process, reduces hyper pigmentation and redness. Continuous use of LED mask produces cumulative effect of healthy glow and radiance. It is a non-invasive and relaxing treatment that stimulates body's natural resources and insuring gradual, natural-looking results (regular price $35) for members FREE
UltraSonic Cleansing that gently deep cleanses congested skin preparing it for a better penetration of specialized serums and treatment masks (regular price $10) for members FREE
 Micro Current - specialized treatment which cumulative effect stimulates muscles of the face and gradually tones and lifts them (regular price $35) for members FREE
And, each member of the exclusive Skin Fitness Program is entitled up to 2 (Two) Slimming and Detoxifying SudaTonic Body Treatments a month
(regular price $99 per treatment) for members FREE
Additionally, each member of the exclusive Skin Fitness Club Program is entitled to 15% discount for all skin care products sold by Golden Apple Spa and the following  advanced medical esthetic procedures:
OxyGeneo Treatment (regular price $99) members $75
Collagen Induction Therapy (regular price $199) members  $170
Vampire Facial (regular price $350) members $297
Rose DeMer Herbal Peel (regular price $120) members $102
Total Regular price per month $573  for members $100