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Eyelash extension

Eyelash Extensions Near Me

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Working in beauty industry has its perks: one gets to try, eventually, every new trend and treatment. Unfortunately, there is a catch – one, and in this case it is me, gets addicted. Eyelash extensions are the perfect example. They are most popular among women who are young and fashionable and women who are young and fashionable for a slightly longer period of time. Lavish lashes that make any eyes look bigger and brighter are, also, subconsciously associated with youthfulness and good health. Besides, one doesn’t have to worry about a running or shedding mascara, plus saves a lot of time getting ready in the morning when every second counts. Small wonder eyelash extensions are trending big nowadays. However, like most great new things they have been around for quite some time.  As popular history has it, a famed Hollywood director D.W. Griffith in 1916 insisted that his star, Seena Owen had sported most exquisite lashes “that brushed her cheeks, to make her eyes shine larger than life.” The eyelashes were woven of human hair and glued to Seena’s eyelids with the same glue they used for wigs. It is less known, however, that the next day Seena couldn’t open her eyes because they were horribly swollen, but most of the scenes were already shot and a great trend has been created.

Hollywood stars and models have been wearing eyelash extensions and false lashes (not the same thing!)  ever since. Twiggy in the 60-s has greatly contributed to the trend that has been re-invented by the following generations. Today, larger than life seems to be just the ticket, and eyelash extensions are no longer considered ostentatious or out of place.


Eyelash extensions, when applied properly, could stay on your own lashes up to 2 months. They are glued to individual lashes with special glue that does not irritate one’s eyes. Eyelash extensions should be taken out professionally, to avoid damaging one’s own natural eyelashes, or giving eye infection. .

Even though they could be called mink, silk, etc. all eyelash extensions are artificial, man-made, and that is a good thing, as there is a lesser risk attaching them to your natural lashes. There are plenty of shapes, shades, and techniques: from a natural look to a 3D Barbie style, to more exuberant artistic endeavors. An experienced technician should be able to help you to choose the look that would suit you most.

Needles to say, only licensed professionals should be allowed near your eyes.

Eyelash extensions can damage or completely ruin your own eyelashes when applied or taken out improperly. And believe me; it takes much longer to grow your eyelashes back then losing them. In my case, an allergic reaction to glue has left my eyelids practically bold. Those were sad times, indeed. But after two months of rehab with the right product my eyelashes grew back, thicker and darker than before.  Apart from famous Latisse, that requires a prescription, and ReVita Lash, that does not, there are very few other eyelash serums that could be as effective as them. However, the research never stops. New products emerge every year, claiming bigger and better results.

At my Golden Apple Spa we insist on taking the eyelash extensions out after two months and allowing 6 weeks or longer, if necessary, for a rehab using different products. Even though it is tough to leave without my eyelash extensions, I stick to the schedule myself and talk my clients into the same routine. Proper application of eyelash extensions and proper care afterwards would not damage your natural lashes, and you can enjoy your cheek-brushing, bigger-then-life  eyelash extensions for many years to come.

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